Pakistan Super League PSL 2018

PSL 2018 – 6 Teams, 34 Matches and 3 matches will be played in Pakistan Lahore, Karachi

In 2018 PSL, total six teams, play 34 matches and 3 matches in Pakistan with 2 taking place in Lahore and 1 match played at Karachi. International players will be paid USD 10,000 per match to play in Pakistan in this PSL 2018! Let’s enjoy the wonderful cricket serious starting form 22 feb 2018!

2018 PSL Matches and PSL Teams

We are all excited about the 2018 PSL matches because this mega event will open the international cricket in Pakistan. This time in PSL 2018 about 3-5 matches of PSL will be played in Pakistan Lahore and Some in Karchi. In third PSL 6 Teams are playing this tournament with national and international players.

Though cricket is not the national game, however it is the soul game we have in Pakistan. Sentiments belong to cricket will make a super heroic one. We have now the trendiest thing regarding cricket and i.e. PSL 2018. I feel honored when it comes to the welcoming of third time PSL in Pakistan. PSL 2018 is another name of celebration. 2018 will bring more of fan following and publicity to PSL Teams and Player Squads. As this year first time ever PSL team 2018 Matches between squads will go live in India as well. So a huge increment in terms of viewership will drag PSL in Pakistan to another level. It will definitely a great sign not only for our cricket mania but to the whole Pakistani image in front of the world. Thus we hope that PSL teams 2018 and players will endure the commendable efforts; and make the whole nation proud by showing genuine team spirit and demonstrate another level of entertainment through their game.

PSL Teams

The splendid PSL held in Dubai & Pakistan comprises of Six PSL teams 2018. PSL 2018 player list draft are give below. However to maintain general integrity we should show some gratitude to the foreigner players who came across Pakistan for sake of cricket. Without them no doubts PSL teams 2018 would never be able to achieve that level of fame and appreciation. Names of the PSL teams 2018 are based on areas, showing inter-city competition and in turn provide a positive atmosphere for the whole nation.

Names of the PSL Teams 2018:


There are also five further categories define in PSL Teams 2018 and their squads. Categories named as Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver and Emerging. Every category has certain payment range. Conversely PSL teams 2018 is a great podium for the emerging talent not only to show their inbuilt genes of cricketer but from PSL they can get their selves trained in a versatile manner. So no doubt that PSL 208 new players are quite lucky.

2018’s PSL will be captivating in a way that main leads of Cricket mania will not playing from their home towns but from other teams heading towards an example of Unity. No doubt from whatever team they belong to by the end of PSL they are all Pakistanis. PSL 2018 will make us seen Sahid Afridi playing from Karachi Kings and on the other hand Inzama-ul-haq as a genuine True Lahori.

PSL 2018 going to be vary captivating in terms of phenomenal heritage of cricket in Pakistan. Every Pakistani is anxiously waiting for this incredible yearly event. Third time PSL occurrence will lead another level of excitement among the fans as many famous singers are busy making and launching music for this mega event. 2018 PSL is an amalgam of music and cricket, every stroke of this mega event will remain in the heart of fans will make history. So stay tune for further details.

PSL 2018 Teams and Players


Note: Players with the aeroplane symbol are international player(s)